Frequently asked questions

"How do You prefer to be referred to?"

-Until a further dynamic has been set between us

you may refer to Me as Miss Faye.

"What types of requests are off-limits?"

-Please, respect My limits! Do not request:


Bottoming, or switching roles




Forced Feminization 


*NO* !Topping-From-The-Bottom! *NO*



"What is Your tribute rate for a session?"

- Many factors determine what rate is appropriate for your session, and rates differ for each customized session. Please use my contact form and submit an email with some details about your ideal online or real time session.

"Do you do same-day appointments?"

-  No! Do -NOT- email Me asking "Can we meet today?" It is incredibly inconsiderate of My time and My schedule.  To set an appointment, I request at minimum 48 to 72 hours notice for an outcall session request, and *at least* 7 to 10 days notice for an incall session request.

"Do you do Skype live cam sessions?"

- Currently No. 

I do text, phonecall, photo, or video clips only.

"How can I serve You Miss Erin Faye?"

- I am going to be as clear as I possibly can here... I DO NOT need nor want a live-in 24/7 slave, or an oral servitude slave, or any other ridiculous thing that you can think up that ultimately -only- serves your wants. If you are genuinely here to serve Me, than you will serve Me in the way that *I* want, which includes permanent chastity, TPE (Total Power Exchange), and last but -certainly- not least, financial servitude... Your sacrifice and surrender to My Female Superiority and sadistic desires are yours (and My) foreplay and climax... 

If Female Superiority,  Permanent Chastity, TPE (Total Power Exchange), Impact Play, Ballbusting, Feet Fetish or Financial Servitude are not things of your interest, than move along please.

(Local) masochistic fincucks in chastity, take your place at the front of the line.

Filming subs/slaves willing to show face, also take your place at the front of the line.

A sub/slave application may be requested via My contact form. Serious inquiries only.

"What is your deposit policy?"

-All sessions/appointments/consultations, online or real-time, do require at least a 50% deposit.

The deposit is non-refundable and non-negotiable.

"How do You accept deposits/tributes?"

1) Send an E-gift card, either Visa or Amazon {preferably Visa} to: 

2) Use My Cash App code:$SSMF7

3) If you prefer no paper trails, you can send cash to My P.O. BOX (available upon request).

**Sorry, I do NOT use PayPal, please do not ask Me to do so for you. The answer will be "No".**

"Can I be featured as a Bottom in Your video clip/photography content?"

-I will be producing mainly femdom, impact play, and some other fetish custom clips. If you are a brand new client emailing Me for the first time asking if we can film custom fetish clips together during our first session, the answer will be "No".

Only established clientele or filming subs/slaves whom have submitted their application will be approved for this privilege!

"Do You accept gifts?"

-Miss Erin Faye  L O V E S  to be spoiled! 

My favorite way to show Me appreciation is with a thoughtful gift!

See "How to Spoil Me" for more info about how to send Miss Erin Faye a gift.