Frequently asked questions

"How do you prefer to be referred to?"

-You may refer to me as Miss, Miss Faye, or Ma'am.

"Are you a mistress/dominatrix?"

-No, I am a professional spanker/disciplinarian/life coach... I conduct online and in-person sessions related to spanking, corporal/judicial discipline and life coaching ONLY... While I *am* interested in *real* discipline... spanking, corporal punishment, scolding, line writing, etc... I am *NOT* interested in any kind of sensual domination/fetish play, humiliating you as a person/individual, OR touching/torturing your genitals!

"What types of requests are off-limits?"

-Please, respect my limits! Do not request:

Switching/bottoming on my part

Any nudity on my part

Any kind of sexual acts

Forced sissification


Golden showers





Chastity control


"Would you wear some lingerie for my appointment?"

-I will not wear lingerie OR provide any nudity whatsoever during a session.

I will wear either professional attire, a fitted sundress, or casual wear (jeans/top). 

Requests for nudity during a session will NOT be tolerated!

"May I sexually release during a session?"

-As mentioned above in my limits, NO sexual acts whatsoever! I have zero tolerance for clients requesting sexual acts. If you request ANY kind of sexual act *including* unassisted sexual release, the appointment will end immediately and you will be banned from my services in the future.

"What is your tribute rate for a session?"

-Please submit an email with as much detail as possible about your ideal session to help me determine the appropriate fee for your specific requests... many different factors may be incorporated into your ideal session,  therefore rates may differ for each client's customized session.

"What is your deposit policy?"

-All appointments, online or in-person, require a 50% deposit. The deposit is non-refundable upon an appointment cancellation! 

"How do you accept deposits/tributes?"

1) Send an E-gift card, either Visa or Amazon {preferably Visa} to: 

2) Use my Cash App code:$SSMF7

3) If you prefer no paper trails, you can send cash to my P.O. BOX (available upon request).

**Sorry, I do NOT use PayPal, please do not ask me to do so for you. The answer will be "No".**

"Can I be a bottom for your website video/photo content?"

-Yes, I do consider working with my clients in my video/photo content... Men or women are welcomed, ages 25-55 with no major medical issues. Please email me if interested in being a bottom for my video/photo content... Bottoms willing to be involved in my video/photo content must be returning clients, and also be okay with partial to full nudity... Yes you *can* hide your face in my video/photo content, but I do prefer bottoms who are willing to show their face.

"Do you accept gifts?"

-Miss Erin Faye  L O V E S  to be spoiled! 

My favorite way to show me appreciation s by sending me a thoughtful gift!

See "How to Spoil Me" for more info about how to send Miss Erin Faye a gift.

**Please understand *before* you purchase a gift for me, that me accepting a gift from you does not warrant any special treatment or discounted rates for any sessions, consultations, etc. A gift is exactly what it is... A GIFT. Sending a gift is not a way for you to earn anything extra from me!**