Here you can read -real- testimonials about sessions with Miss Erin Faye. 


One on One Session Testimonial: 

"I was traveling from Germany to Las Vegas and was looking for a disciplinarian to give me a real spanking. I found Miss Faye by chance via Google and we arranged a session via email. She is very meticulous with the process (questionnaire, reference, 50% upfront payment) so don‘t bother writing her if you have a problem with the process, she is very selective and careful - and rightfully so.
The day of the meeting, I got a reminder email that put my bottom into even more anticipation and dread. She was on time and very inconspicuous visiting me in my hotel - and she looks at least as good as in her pictures (Which is verryyy good overall!) She is as charming as your best imagination and put me quickly at ease. We had a very nice initial talk and quickly agreed on a funishment session that should really hurt but not extreme.

When she took me over her knee and started to warm me up with increasing intensity, I realized quickly how strong her hands are! She then used many different implements (the bath brush really stings as did the cane and other implements) and finished with a real bath brush thrashing.

All the time she really enjoyed spanking me, my building dread and took me to a harder final spanking then I had initially wished for. And I felt totally trusting and safe that she not only genuinely enjoyed what she did to my bottom, but that she knew what she was doing.

My bottom really hurts and will hurt for quite a time, still, I am already looking forward to a hopefully soon future meeting!
Miss Faye is the real thing, nice yet mischievous, she loves to spank and you will get what you deserve. I have seen a few disciplinarians, but, never had this combination of really getting it and total trust and letting go to Miss Faye!

Anyone who really likes being spanked and has the fortune to meet Miss Faye has really gotten a winner in the lottery of life (instead of losing in the casino) - with the exception of your bottom :-)

I can highly recommend her!"

- "T"


One on One Session Testimonial:


"Miss Faye has one of the strongest and fastest spanking hands I have ever experienced!  She let me know that she was in charge and that the spanking wouldn't be over until she decided it was.  If her hands are not enough for you then you will find that she will make you whimper with a hairbrush, paddle and belt.  She is the real deal and really enjoys what she does!"

- "P"


One on One Session Testimonial: 

"After having scheduled an appointment with Miss Faye a few weeks earlier the day finally arrived this week. I had ask that she just dress casual and comfortable. She arrived looking amazing in tight jeans. We visited for a few minutes and while we were doing this she was sanitizing all the implements with antiseptic wipes. This was very impressive for me because I have always just assumed implements are clean but this made me feel even more relaxed. I had allotted two hours for the session because I knew there were many implements and scenarios that I wanted to experience. She had earlier spun the "wheel of misfortune" and it had landed on 50 paddle swats. So that is where we began. Two hours later my bottom had received close to 200 swats and strokes with paddles, straps (a very nasty prison strap} and three different canes. Her firm demeanor throughout the session made it very clear she was going to provide a discipline session I would not soon forget. Two days later I still think about her every time I try to sit down. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and will look forward to seeing Miss Faye again."

- "G"


One on One Session Testimonial:

"I wanted to take a few minutes to describe my recent 90 minute appointment with Miss Faye for the benefit of those who like to visit Las Vegas and are also interested in professional disciplinary services. For those who prefer the takeaway up front, let me summarize by saying that I met with Miss Faye earlier this week, it was a great experience, and (only a few days after the fact) I’m already relishing the thought of a repeat performance. 
Let me start by saying I am not new at visiting professional disciplinarians. Miss Faye is the tenth I have visited, including renowned ones in London and New York (some on multiple occasions). While still relatively new, she is such a natural that my time with her was every bit as enjoyable and beneficial (and painful as well) as were my visits with highly experienced, world-class spankers. 
On the day of our appointment, I met her in my hotel lobby... She is on the smaller side of mid-size, and when combined with her kind smile, she did not seem very intimidating. After shaking hands, we shared an elevator ride up with others, so we only engaged in small talk. When we arrived on my floor, and were alone, I joked with her that, unlike some of her online photos, she didn’t look very strict. She looked me in the eyes and said “we’ll see.”  And, boy, did I see. 
When we got inside, we discussed what I was seeking while she cleaned her implements (I like to see the actual cleaning, so this was comforting). I told her I wanted to try some role play scenarios; nothing too intricate but not very general either. In the past, I have usually emailed scenarios to the disciplinarian so she would have time to learn them.  I didn’t do that this time, but Miss Faye mastered the scenarios as though we had been practicing them for days. 

She started slowly with an over the pants, over the lap hand spanking, but within minutes she was smacking my bare butt hard first with her hand, then her brush, then with her bath brush (a real stinger), then some solid paddle swats, then with her supple and stingy (yet thuddy) leather strap, and finally with three of her canes.  She clearly relishes caning.  One of her canes is very thin, like a perfectly smooth switch. The other two are thicker but still not thick. Ms. Faye caned accurately, efficiently, and effectively. I had a total of 24 cane strokes over two spankings, and days later while much of the redness is gone, I can feel quite a few raised cane stripes. 

I also told Miss Faye that I like scolding, being reminded that I’m being spanked and why, and that I love common spanking expressions. The verbal side of her spankings is fantastic, as she scolded like a pro and repeatedly used virtually all of my favorite words and sayings. She has a very nice voice, and scolds effectively without being demeaning in any way. 

Overall, my time with Miss Faye was a wonderful and rewarding experience that I will, without doubt, repeat soon.  The amazing part is that, as good as she already is, she has limited experience.  She will become “off the charts” good as she continues to gain experience. 
So, if you like to visit Vegas and could benefit from an effective, long, and hard spanking from a firm, strict, strong, yet kind young woman, you should visit Miss Faye.  She genuinely loves administering good spankings, and is very good at what she does.  Like me, you will be glad the spanking is finally over but, by day’s end, be craving the next trip over her knee."

- "A"


One on One Session Testimonial:


"This morning I am sitting at my desk at home. Well, trying to sit. I really wish I had already bought that desk that allows you to stand and work. If you are thinking of contacting Miss Faye, I highly recommend you do so. I would read her entire site; the blog post she has linked to and the reviews and you should have a complete understanding of what you are going to experience. I found her through the Cane-I-ac website, so I already had some faith in her abilities. I reached out and the correspondence was what you would expect from a professional. Due to my travel schedule it took a little while to get together, but it was well worth it. She sent a couple of teaser emails prior to meeting that get your mind wondering. We met at a private residence that was very comfortable and safe for both of us. From the moment she opened the door, she exuded a dominant air about her, we sat and chatted a bit then off to what I was there for. 

She is a no-nonsense disciplinarian who’s is highly skilled and caring. Whatever level of intensity you are looking for she can provide it, and I was amazed at how strong her hands were. I was there to get a good thrashing, and boy did she deliver, as she went through the implements it got harder and harder to take. She is exceptionally well at reading your verbal utterances and body cues without you having to say anything. At the halfway point I was thinking “I have another half to go?” I had brought a couple of brutal items, and she enjoyed those thoroughly, so much so that she went back to them several times. As she was using these, she would increase the intensity and the speed, her breathing would increase, and you could tell she truly enjoyed what she was doing. The whole thing while extremely painful was delightful. During one period she was using a leather strap and told me she was only at about 50% striking force, not sure I want to feel 100% of her wrath... Who am I kidding? Yes, I do, it would be an honor! At the end she provided aftercare and made me feel very comfortable. We spoke for a few minutes and parted company. 

I am going back to see her, luckily for my sore bottom I travel every two weeks, so I get some time to heal up. I know the next time she is going to push me harder and I am looking forward to doing my best to take it."

- "R"


One on One Session Testimonial:


"I saw Miss Fay’s website and made arrangements for her to visit me while I was in Las Vegas. Her email to me verifying our appointment ended with “We will meet tomorrow evening for a thrashing your quite unlikely to forget”

The next evening, there was a knock on my door, and in walked a very professional looking lady.  There was no small talk, she opened her bag a took out a variety of straps and whips and placed them on the table.  She then spent a few moments discussing the scenario we had discussed, and what was going to happen. And then it all began...

She discussed the infractions that I had done, and then informed me that I would be receiving corporal punishment. She then ordered me to strip naked, which I did.

Then it was over her knee for the most painful hand spanking I could ever remember.  It was not a few smacks here, and then a few more, but a steady hard spank one after the other.  No matter how much I squirmed, she held me in place and continued the very painful spanking.  I thought it would never end.  Finally, she stopped and ordered me to stand up and then bend over the table.

The next thing I knew she began whipping me with one of the straps she brought with her.  She then told me to start counting, first to 18 and after getting 18 lashes she got another strap and made me start counting again. Then there was another strap and another 18 lashes. Then she brought her riding crap where she whipped me again 18 times.

Then she ordered me to lay down on the bed. She whipped my ass so hard I was seeing stars!  The more I squirmed the harder she whipped me.

Now my ass was burning.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, she then started over again.  It was over her knee where she gave me another severe hand spanking. Then it was back over the bed where she whipped my ass with her different straps, one worst than the other.  Finally, when she thought that I had received the punishment that I deserved, it finally ended.

This was the most severe whipping I can ever remember getting.  She told me to get dressed and she packed up and left me in pain.  That evening I went to bed but could not sleep on my back.  My ass was burning. The next two days as I sat at work, the pain was still there.

If you are in need of a good punishment, I can strongly recommend that Miss Fay will not let you down.  She is the best disciplinarian you could ever imagine.  Take it from my experience, as she told me up front, you will receive “a thrashing your quite unlikely to forget.”

           - "J"