January 2019 One on One Session Testimonial: 

"I was traveling from Germany to Las Vegas and was looking for a disciplinarian to give me a real spanking. I found Miss Faye by chance via Google and we arranged a session via email. She is very meticulous with the process (questionnaire, reference, 50% upfront payment) so don‘t bother writing her if you have a problem with the process, she is very selective and careful - and rightfully so.
The day of the meeting, I got a reminder email that put my bottom into even more anticipation and dread. She was on time and very inconspicuous visiting me in my hotel - and she looks at least as good as in her pictures (Which is verryyy good overall!) She is as charming as your best imagination and put me quickly at ease. We had a very nice initial talk and quickly agreed on a funishment session that should really hurt but not extreme.

When she took me over her knee and started to warm me up with increasing intensity, I realized quickly how strong her hands are! She then used many different implements (the bath brush really stings as did the cane and other implements) and finished with a real bath brush thrashing.

All the time she really enjoyed spanking me, my building dread and took me to a harder final spanking then I had initially wished for. And I felt totally trusting and safe that she not only genuinely enjoyed what she did to my bottom, but that she knew what she was doing.

My bottom really hurts and will hurt for quite a time, still, I am already looking forward to a hopefully soon future meeting!
Miss Faye is the real thing, nice yet mischievous, she loves to spank and you will get what you deserve. I have seen a few disciplinarians, but, never had this combination of really getting it and total trust and letting go to Miss Faye!

Anyone who really likes being spanked and has the fortune to meet Miss Faye has really gotten a winner in the lottery of life (instead of losing in the casino) - with the exception of your bottom :-)

I can highly recommend her!"

-Thomas from Germany


January 2019 One on One Session Testimonial:


"Miss Faye has one of the strongest and fastest spanking hands I have ever experienced!  She let me know that she was in charge and that the spanking wouldn't be over until she decided it was.  If her hands are not enough for you then you will find that she will make you whimper with a hairbrush, paddle and belt.  She is the real deal and really enjoys what she does!"